You have less than 6 seconds to get your point across, so use this space wisely!

Main Statement

Tell your website users how this website, your product, or your service will benefit them! Explain it in the simplest way possible. You will have space for greater detail in other areas of the website. In this section, make sure you choose a photograph that will show the text very clearly. This section will look best with 400 characters or less.

Sub Point

Main Point

This section could highlight your mission or vision statement. You could also utilize this space to explain your product or service in a little greater detail. You have now enticed your site users to scroll below your main header, so now you want to keep them moving forward into your site! This section is designed so that any text length will look great.

Sub Point

Main Point

In this section, you could highlight the key benefits of your service or product. It’s a great place to emphasize some major points about your business that make it different from the world of others in your industry. 

  • Why you are the best
  • Why users should invest in you
  • What makes you different
  • How you can benefit them
  • How you will improve their life or make it easier

You’ve got the user this far, now don’t lose them! Keep to your main points but expound on these points on related pages. This section should be 500 character or less.


What They Say

"It has been proven that testimonials on your website can help you establish credibility for your brand. It provides proof that your business has value, how customers are using your product or services, and if what you offer is relevant to consumers’ needs. The best part is it also provides free SEO content! Keep your testimonials to 500 characters or less for the best display."

"Almost nine in ten consumers read online reviews when researching products/services. Including rave reviews about your business is a great way to build credibility for your brand! Start asking current clients to take a minute and review the amazing work you do. After all, the customer is always right!"

"Customer Testimonials are a powerful tool to help your business build trust and confidence in your brand. In a Demand Gen Report, it notes that “97% of B2B buyers feel that user-generated content like consumer reviews are more credible than other types of content.” That is a large piece of the market you shouldn’t miss!"

"There is no need to worry about negative reviews too! Successful businesses will use them to identify and fix mistakes that may have happened. They are a great way to engage in a conversation with customers that might have otherwise just walked away. Connecting with them can foster a stronger relationship and continue to build brand confidence!"

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