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Now is your opportunity to really express what you are all about! Nobody knows your business like you do, but remember that! Make sure that someone who isn’t familiar with your business understands what you are all about. Don’t use a lot of industry specific technical jargon that may lose a new user who isn’t familiar with your products or what you do. You only get one chance to make a first impression so win them right away! Make sure you are clear and proof read your work. Nothing can ruin your brand faster than poor grammar or typos on your website. This section will look nice with any amount of text.

Our Story

What is your background. What is the real story behind why you do what you do? This is a great opportunity to share with others. Make a connection with your users that will draw them into making a conversion. For example, there is kind of a funny story behind the development of Woodchuck Arts logo that you may not know!

When Erin and Heather decided that they wanted to offer a different kind of design service, they knew they needed a different kind of name to go with it! So, in the process of brainstorming their logo, an actual woodchuck ran in front of their car and the rest, as they say, is history! Offering design services at affordable prices, with a fun, professional, and transparent atmosphere was of the utmost importance to these designers.

The beauty of their story? It’s an ideal fit! People want to know more about Woodchuck Arts which leads to conversations that might not otherwise happen. It’s as unique and creative as the founders. And they are open and honest about how the process took place. You can’t survive for long in the small business world if you don’t practice authenticity. Plus, the woodchuck has his own holiday, so there is that!

So, there is a small piece of our story. Now it’s your turn to develop yours! Keep this section to 1300 characters or less. 

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